9.11 it was a remarkable day in the history of student movement in Hong Kong.

It was a super-sunny day, thousands of students wearing black t-shirts gathered in the Chinese University in Hong Kong (CU). Their demand is very clear: The retreat of ‚Chinese Patrotism Classes‘ Plan.

The reason against this plan is because this class will probably brainwash the next generation that the party is almighty and reinforces the chinese identity of HK people. The guide book itself contains very misleading, biased and problematic comments.

But education shouldn’t be about telling somebody WHAT to think,but rather, to tell somebody HOW to think; That’s why such kind of brainwashing program is not acceptable. Besides, Hong Kong is a very multi-cultural city and not all people are chinese. How could the government force someone to say that he is chinese, if he is not supposed to be?

That’s why I was in the demonstration.
I am very proud of being a Hong Kong people, because we always stand out when something has gone wrong; and when we struggle, we don’t use violence but rather, we try to convince people with rationale.
Nonetheless, I was a little bit disappointed when I was in the CU. Those who were on stage just kept on shouting out ‚retreat‘, but without any further elaboration. Hey, it was a 4-hour gathering! And some students did try to deliver talks, but it was a little bit of non-sense…And the music that we were supposed to sing together turned into pieces of live music show (‚cause no one knows how to sing and we just watched they perform). I was disappointed because they could have done better.

Then we went to the back and I guess many of the students there don’t know what was going on; they just sat there and chatted; but anyway, nor could they hear a word from the stage, because it was too farwaway. ‚

So I doubt whether this demonstration is really that effective or not…

I don’t know what’s gonna happen later. I hope that we all won’t stop fighting for the next generation.


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