These Days

My nightmare has started from from mid-Nov and will be carried on straight through until 18th December.

This is probably the busiest time of my 2012. Tests and Exams, Term papers, Conferences, Work, and, fortunately, to have fun has not been kicked out of the list. 🙂



13.11,  Test DaF – the German version of the TOEFL/IELTS test. It really has used up all my quotas in speaking German. So I’m writing in English.

17.11 German Speech Festival. Instead of being one of the competitors on stage, I’ve switched to be a time-keeper. Well, not a bad experience. I’ve found out that the plural form of ’second‘ is actually ‚Sekunden‘, not ’sekunde“.
I wished so desperately in my heart, that I had spoken a LITTLE BIT longer in the second round of competition. If I did, I would not be  sitting there and counting how many seconds have flied away 😦

5.12 Term Paper for the Medicine Course. I’ve worked soooo hard on the topic that I’ve now become a professional in INSOMNIA! But the fact that I have been unable to sleep well these days has made the whole thing a paradox.  (-_- )

6.12 After this morning’s exam, I’m fiinally done with this crrrrrrrrrap. I hate it. I think I’m really bad in choosing subjects, ain’t I? Even in Financial Accounting I’ve learned something.

It seems that I’m quite negative these days, if you just judge from the lines above. But no it’s not, the above things have  just been adding some hatred and regret into my happy daily life 🙂

Let’s talk about something .

It was a day in late November. We wen









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